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"MetalPromExport" LLC is leading company in designing, manufacturing and installation of buildings and structures of light metal frameworks, as well as transportable buildings and complexes on the basis of block-containers and panel-post structures. Manufacturing capacity allow us to meet any customer requirements and produce buildings and structures of any functionality with different levels of kitting, interior finish and comfort.

The following engineering infrastructure systems can be supplied and put into service together with construction facilities on an individual basis: boiler, diesel and gas reciprocating modular power plants, mini-TTPs (thermal power plants), household and industrial effluents treatment complexes, water treatment plants. Advanced developments and nonconvential engineering solution are successfully introduced into the process of systems designing.

Successful participation in series of exhibitions and forums brings fruitful effect in work of our company. Direct negotiations with potential Customers allow them to scrutinize wide range of products and manufacturing capabilities of "MetalPromExport" LLC.

Representative offices of "MetalPromExport" LLC in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Repulics are established in order to work more effectively with our foreign partners.

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