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March 14 - 16, 2015. | 14th North Caspian Regional Exhibit "Atyrau Oil & Gas"

MetalPromExport LLC took part in exhibition “Atyrau Oil & Gas“, and presented to the visitors and participants advantages and types of prefab construction, features of power generating and environmental equipment. Company's S 204 booth outdoor presented complete information about products manufactured, new projects, technological solutions and special offers.

At the exposition MetalPromExport Company demonstrated luxury residential and office modular building. Building based on container units with dimensions of 9х2.5х2.6 m contains three major zones: living rooms for 2 persons, office, kitchen. Container unit was supplied fully fabricated and fitted with all equipment and furniture.

Effectiveness of Company participation in the previous show can be evidenced by high level of interest of visitors in products exhibited. Preliminary agreements have been executed and pre-agreed productive negotiations have been held; relationships have been forged with potential Customer's.

For the past 13 years “Atyrau Oil & Gas“ has become the major business platform among industry professional of the region, and conventional meeting venue for specialists of oil and gas industry from the world oil-and-gas community.

October 2 - 5, 2012. | 20th Anniversary Kazakhstan International Show KIOGE 2010/ “Oil & Gas“

October 2 - 5, 2012, MetalPromExport LLC took active part in “Oil & Gas“ show that took place in Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty.

From the booth company representatives introduced all interested visitors with information about products manufactured: container units of different purposes, modular construction, construction of metal framework buildings, power generating and environmental equipment.

Participation the show was a success resulting in expansions of the list of potential Customers - some new relationships have been forged that, we hope will eventually grow into productive and mutually beneficial cooperation.
We would like to thank all visitors and participants who visited our booth for their interest.

October 6 - 9, 2010. | 18th Kazakhstan International Show and Conference KIOGE 2010/ “Oil & Gas“

In booth of MetalPromExport LLC in hall No. 11 leading company specialists have introduced the visitors to all of the advantages and types of prefabricated construction, features of power generating and environmental equipment. Visitors and participants of the exhibition got complete information about product types, new products, technological solutions and special offers. Some of the offers and product types have been particularly interesting for the visitors of the booth.

October 6 - 9, 2009. | 17th Kazakhstan International Show and Conference KIOGE 2010/ “Oil & Gas“

MetalPromExport LLC took part in the 17th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL SHOW AND CONFERENCE KIOGE 2009/ “OIL & GAS“ that took place in Show Center Atakent October 6 through 9, 2009.

Our booth presented information about the following products we manufacture:

  • complete rotational camps;
  • container units with different sets of utilities;
  • prefabricated buildings based on light-gage constructions;
  • autonomous life supporting systems: modular boilers, diesel and gas engine power plants, water and sewage treatment plants.

April 7-9, 2009. | 8th North Caspian Regional Exhibition “Atyrau Oil & Gas 2009“

Dear Madams and Sirs! Representative of MetalPromExport LLC in Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the 8th North Caspian Regional Exhibition “Atyrau Oil & Gas“ that took place in sporting center “Atyrau“ April 7 through 9, 2009.

November 25-28, 2008. | Russian National Show in India

November 25-28, 2008 saw Russian National Show in India with participation of MetalPromExport LLC (company booth F01 was in hall No.3) in expo center India Expo Centre EXPO XXI, Greater Noida, that was dedicated to extension of cooperation in social and humanitarian area, strengthening of business and cultural relations between Russia and India.

4-6 November 2008. | 3rd Regional Exhibition "Mangystau Oil & Gas 2008"

7-10 October 2008. | 16th Kazakhstan International "KIOGE - Oil & Gas 2008" Exhibition

29-31 August 2008. | Russian National Exhibition in Turkmenistan "Economic Growth and Mutually Beneficial Partnership"

13-15 May 2008. | 12th Uzbekistan International Exhibition "Oil & Gas"

9-11 April 2008. | 7th North-Caspian Regional Exhibition "Atyrau Oil & Gas".

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