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4 - 6 October 2017 | 25th Anniversary Exhibition “Oil and Gas” / KIOGE in the Republic of Kazakhstan

“MetalPromExport” LLC took effective part in Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Oil and Gas” in Almaty. The exhibition was visited by more than 350 leading Kazakhstan and foreign companies from 25 countries working in the oil and gas and related industries.

Visitors received all information at our stand and qualified answers of experts on the services and products of the plant: buildings and constructions of various functional purposes on the basis of steel structures, container units and prefabricated panel structures; autonomous life support system: modular boilers, diesel and gas power plants, water treatment systems and wastewater treatment.

We also got acquainted with the exhibits at the exhibition No. U 01 located on the street of the exposition:

1. RGU BKI-200 running on commercial gas

The electric power generation module is installed in a shelter with dimensions 4 х 2.5 х 2.5 m. The generator provides a 3-phase electric power and can be used as a primary or a standby (redundant) source of electric power.

2. Water treatment and sewage treatment modular unit

The shelter made of sandwich panels with dimensions 8 х 2.5 х 2.6 m contains the following equipment on show: water treatment system, AS BIO-8, a surge vessel with a submersible pump, a reverse osmosis unit and a UV-lamp. The module also includes a compartment for personnel.

Active participation contributed to business cooperation and dynamic development of the interested parties. Pre-contractual agreements were concluded, fruitful talks were held and contacts with potential customers were established.

Thank all visitors who visited our stand for their interest!

On April 10, 2017 |“MetalPromExport”, Limited Liability Company, received the Trademark Certificate

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