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Block Containers

Types of Block Containers

MetalPromExport Company manufactures complete container buildings. Modular buildings constructed from container units ensure comfortable accommodation for people in our region. Prefabricated constructions are commonly used by oil and gas companies; dedicated service companies involved in drilling, repair, well infrastructure development and well killing; geophysical and geological companies, as well as companies involved in construction of pipeworks, electric power lines, roads, bridges, tunnels and other sites remote from urban infrastructure.
Container buildings we produce are used for accommodation/installation of process and application-specific equipment, and can be used as warehouse facilities.

Container constructions can be one or two-storey buildings.

Prefab Block Container Buildings:

  • administration and accommodation buildings, dorms, hotels, offices
  • shops, gyms, canteens, cafes
  • shower facilities, bath-houses, sauna, laundries, dry-cleaners, lavatories, toilets
  • cloakrooms, locker rooms, dryer rooms
  • checkpoints, guard posts
  • warehouses, workshops
  • operator rooms, labs, equipment rooms
  • etc.

Types of Block Container for Sales from MetalPromExport

MetalPromExport, LLC offers the following types of container units:

All-Welded Block Container Units
Container units with all-welded frame are a perfect option for construction of rotational camps. Construction of all-welded container-based structures is a convenient, robust and quick solution to the issues of accommodation of personnel and equipment.


  • maximum degree of structure prefabrication
  • complete package of furniture and equipment
  • the shortest installation and commissioning time frame
  • relocation without any damage to functional performance
  • version: standalone and connected buildings of up two storeys
  • mobile buildings: truck, skid mounted – removable/non-removable

Standard sizes of all-welded container units (LхWхH):

3×3×2,8 m
6×2,5×2,6* m
6×3×2,8 m
8×2,5×2,6* m
9×2,5×2,6* m
9×3×2,8 m
12×2,5×2,6* m
12×3×2,8 m
* transportation dimensions of the products offered enable its transportation without the need for special permit

Block Container Units with Sandwich Panels
Container units with sandwich panels are most commonly used for accommodation of different equipment. This type of container units has reinforced floor and tailored for high physical stress. Container units with sandwich panels are used for accommodation of power generating and environmental equipment, etc. Also telecommunication and process modules can be based on this container unit type.
Sandwich panel container units may also be used as amenity, residential, and administrative premises.

  • high resistance to aggressive environments
  • suitability for installation of heavy equipment
  • increased fire resistance
  • suitability of sandwich panel container units for transportation with process equipment accommodated inside

Standard sizes of sandwich panel container units (LхWхH):

3×3×2,8 m
6×2,5×2,6* m
6×3×2,8 m
8×2,5×2,6* m
9×2,5×2,6* m
9×3×2,8 m
12×2,5×2,6* m
12×3×2,8 m
* transportation dimensions of the products offered enable its transportation without the need for special permit

Truck and Skid Trailer Houses (Mobile Buildings)
Trailer houses – mobile buildings of a different functional purpose. Trailers are usually used for temporary accommodation and provision of infrastructure for mobile worker and SME crews.
MetalPromExport Company manufactures following versions of trailer houses: truck or skid-mounted – removable/non-removable.

Truck-mounted trailers may be transported by road and railway transportation. Truck-mounted mobile buildings do not require loading or special machines for self-propelled transportation.

Skid-mounted container unit - is an all-welded container unit that is mounted onto steel-pipe skid that is manufactured for this purpose. Skid mounted container units can be transported by auto and railroad transport.

Features of trailer houses:

  • high mobility
  • complete prefabrication and equipment with all appliances
  • suitability of trailer houses for self-propelled transportation by public roads
  • mobile buildings do not require foundation

Standard sizes of trailer houses (LхWхH):

6×2,5×3,9* m
6×3×3,9 m
6,6×2,5×3,9* m
8×2,5×3,9* m
8×2,8×3,9 m
9×2,5×3,9 *m
9×3×3,9 m
* transportation dimensions of the products offered enable its transportation without the need for special permit

Buildings Based on Shipment (Marine) Containers
These container units design is based on maritime shipment container that is fitted with extra heat insulation and redeveloped according to the Customer's needs. These container units can be used both for construction of residential buildings and non-residential technical ones.

  • suitability for any mode of transportation
  • superb strength, tightness and rigidity of the structure
  • the high degree of prefabrication
  • maximum vandal protection is ensured by external cover made of 3-mm thick steel corrugated plate and metal doors / shutters

Standard sizes of universal shipment container units (LхWхH):

6,06×2,44×2,59 m
6,06×2,44×2,90 m
12,19×2,44×2,59 m
12,19×2,44×2,90 m

Dismountable Block Containers
Buildings based on dismountable container units have proven to be suitable for social field both as a standalone and connected buildings.

  • minimal transport costs
  • suitability for construction of up to 3-storey buildings

Standard sizes of dismountable container units (LхWхH):

6×2,5×2,6 m
6×3×2,8 m

Advantages to Block Containers Unit-Based Buildings:

Modular buildings based on container units have following advantages:

  • installation in any time of the year
  • short time frame for manufacture (from 10 days) and installation/dismounting
  • suitability for use in temperature range from -60 to +55 °C
  • construction of buildings in earthquake endangered areas of up to 9 point magnitude
  • suitability for dismounting and multiple relocation of buildings without any damage to functional performance
  • high functionality
  • the ability to transport any kind of transport

Standalone or connected container units are manufactured based on the following parameters:

  • Customer's wishes
  • building purpose
  • region of construction
  • construction time frame
  • life time
  • need for relocation
  • transportation to the location of use

MetalPromExport Company offers design, transportation and installation services

  • MetalPromExport Company develops typical or customized design solutions offering Customers optimum option in terms of time frame, technology and economic feasibility.
  • Container units, equipment and materials required for erection of buildings are supplied to construction site by railroad or public road, or by maritime and air transport where necessary.
  • Installation of buildings and equipment. Our company ensures minimum time frame for building installation due to the maximum prefabrication of container units and equipment supplied to the construction site, and performs start-up and commissioning.

MetalPromExport, LLC produces container units according to the user requirement specifications as per sanitary standards and regulations; all our products are supported by certificate of conformity.

For more details and calculation of cost send a message with contact information to en@metalpromexport.com, specifying product name and major specifications. Specialists from "MetalPromExport“, LLC will select optimum offer for you.

All-welded container units at the location of use prepared for installation of modular building

Truck-mounted trailer house in the workshop

Side porch for trailer house

Residential building based on shipment container with dimensions of 2,44х 12,19х2,59 m

Transportation of tech-module based on sandwich panel container unit by automobile vehicle

Loading container unit dispatch station with dimensions of 9х3х3 m to flatcar

Residential room of mobile building

All-welded container unit kitchen

Modular residential building based on all-welded container unit

Shower room of skid-mounted mobile residential building for 8 persons with dimensions of 2,5х12х2,6 m

Steam bath room in all-welded container unit bath complex

Cooking module in truck-mounted trailer house with dimensions of 8х2,5х2,6 m

Cloakroom (dryer) based on all-welded 8х2,5х2,6 m container

Internal room of one of modules in technical building based on sandwich panel container units

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