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Block Containers

Block Containers Unit Design

Manufacture of container units is one of the core activities of MetalPromExport, LLC. We perform entire set of works: from design to commissioning.

Container unit design developed by MetalPromExport Company has high strength, enhanced thermal and noise insulation. Long life term and suitability for multiple relocations are ensured by metal frame and additional joints.

Typical Structure of All-Welded Block Containers Units and Sandwich Panel Container Units

Standard outer dimensions of container units are 3х3х2,8; 6х3х2,8; 9х3х2,8; 12х3х2,8 (railroad dimensions) and 6х2,5х2,6; 8х2,5х2,6; 9х2,5х2,6; 12х2,5х2,6 (dimensions for automobile transport).

Basis of typical container unit structure is comprised of: floor (base panels), walls and ceiling (roofing panels), welded to each other.

  • Base panel (floor) of container unit is a welded, multilayer, heat-insulated structure made of channel beam and formed section, with smooth steel welded to its bottom perimeter. Traversal channel beams provide required rigidity of the structure. Metal and wood lather is used for installation of cement particle board (CPB) into the base panel. The wood is treated with fire protection and bactericidal agent. Finishing material is put above: linoleum, ceramic tile, or steel checkered sheet when special requirements for the base are to be complied with (fire resistance, increased stress, etc) – steel channeled sheet. Water and vapor proofing material is used. Mineral heat insulation is used for winterization.
  • Roofing panel (ceiling) of container unit has metal frame, outer and internal paneling, heat insulation and vapor proofing, that is placed between heat insulation and external paneling. Metallic frame is made of steel formed sections of welded assembly.
  • Walls of container unit can be made in different versions:
    - combined multicore panel with heat insulation and formed metal sheet with outer polymer coating. Metal frame with embedded details is located inside the panel. Interior finishing is made according to the Customer's choice
    - sandwich panel with mineral wool heat insulator with thickness from 100 to 300 mm that is covered with formed polymer-coated galvanized steel sheets. MetalPromExport Company uses sandwich panels fabricated by the leading manufacturers.
  • Support stands are the major element of the frame of container unit made of rolled and formed section. Stands are welded to the top and bottom frame using electric weld.
    Container units greater than 6 meters in length are fitted with additional intermediate legs.
    Bearing elements of all-welded container unit are stands and walls (combined multicore panel).

Heat insulation

Heat insulation layer thickness is calculated based on climatic conditions of container unit use, temperature ranges inside the rooms, HVAC systems and other parameters and Customer's needs. Mineral wool of different density and thickness is used for heat insulation.


Multi-container buildings can be installed with common dual-slope roof made of galvanized polymer-coated formed sheet. Multi-container modular building can be installed without shared roofing.

MetalPromExport Products

At present the company produces container unit-based modular buildings in two versions:

  • Permanent (standalone and connected)
  • Mobile buildings (trailer houses) – all-welded or sandwich panel container units are mounted onto chassis (truck, detachable/non-detachable skid)

MetalPromExport Company uses its own materials, parts and accessories that comply with the requirements of regulatory documents in manufacture of container units. State-of-art technology used by the Company makes it possible to produce high-strength frame elements thus minimizing time frame and optimizing the process of installation of container units, making erected building highly reliable and durable.

For additional information consult our SMEs by +7 (4855) 290-809 or leave an e-mail at kz@metalpromexport.com.

Loading all-welded container unit with trunking wall to automobile vehicle

Prepared lathing for installation of trunking wall in all-welded container unit

Floor base assembly of all-welded container unit

All-welded tech-purpose container unit with channeled steel floor. One of the modules of connected building

Connected modular residential building based on all-welded container unit. One of two modules with trunking wall

Attachment of formed steel polymer-coated sheet to the frame of all-welded container unit

All-welded container unit-based connected building with overhead track hoist for pump station

One of the modules of connected building based on all-welded container units with reinforced floor base and indentation for pump station

Container unit with sandwich panel for water treatment plant

All-welded container unit on chassis: truck mounted

Tech-module based on sandwich panel container unit

Sandwich panels in manufacture of wall for container units

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