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Block Containers

Standard layout options

This section contains the layout options of the most in-demand block-container based buildings. These configuration options can be modified at Customer's request to add the required changes (as regards the furnishing package and layout of the rooms). Custom-design layout options may also be developed.

Name Dimensions, m

Buildings of specialised appointment

Equipment station 3x6x2,8      
Telecommunication module 3x3x2,8 3x6x2,8    
Storage battery charging room       3x12x2,8
Pump station       3x12x2,8
Refrigerator 3x6x2,8   3x9x2,8  

Residential, sanitary-household buildings

Dormitory accommodation for 4 persons 3x6x2,8 2,8x8x2,8 3x9x2,8 3x12x2,8
Dormitory accommodation for 8 persons   2,8x8x2,8 3x9x2,8 3x12x2,8
Office premises for 4 persons   2,8x8x2,8 3x9x2,8  
Office premises for 6 persons       3x12x2,8
Foreman's on-site accommodation cabin     3x9x2,8  
Security post 3x6x2,8      
Work crew utility building     3x9x2,8  
4-stall toilet room     3x9x2,8  
Drying room with an air duct   2,8x8x2,8 3x9x2,8  
Drying room with air heat curtain   2,8x8x2,8 3x9x2,8  
Changing room for 20 persons     3x9x2,8 3x12x2,8
12-seat canteen     3x9x2,8 3x12x2,8
20-seat canteen     (3x9x2,8)*2  
Sauna for 6 persons     3x9x2,8  
Shower Room for 3 persons     3x9x2,8  
Shower Room for 6 persons     3x9x2,8  
Manufactured goods warehouse     3x9x2,8  

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