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Block Containers

Drying room with air heat curtain

based on block-container with overall dimensions
2,8x8x2,8 m

Equipment Legend:

1 - clothing and footwear drying stand, 1350x500x1500 mm 8
2 - bench, 900x350x450 mm 4
3 - coatrack, 600x250x250 mm 2
4 - air heat curtain 2
5 - electrical fan 1


heating air heat curtains
electrical fittings distributing switchboard, emergency circuit breaker, electrical wiring laid in cable ducts
lighting luminescent type
ventilation natural and forced draught (electrical fan)
outside door thermal insulant proofed metal door with lock
windows PVC framed multiple glass pane
premises interior finish:
ceiling painted cement-woodchip panel
walls painted cement-woodchip panel
floor linoleum
exterior finish polymer-coated galvanized shaped sheet


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