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Block Containers

Available modifications

The block container based modular buildings currently manufactured by our company are available in three design configuration versions:

  1. stationary (freestanding and interconnected) version;
  2. chassis-mounted version (SARMAT two-axle chassis with brake system and spare wheel)
  3. removable- or fixed skid mounted version.

The principal elements of the block container construction are its base panels (the flooring), wall panels and top panels (the ceiling) which are joined by welding. The panel comprises a metal-and-wooden structural frame, inner and outer skin, thermal insulant and vapour-proof seal between the thermal insulant and the inner skin. The metal-and-wooden structural frame is made of weld-joined roll-formed steel sections and blocking lumber of various cross-sectional areas fixed on the metal elements of the frame. The outer skin is made of polymer-coated shaped steel sheets. Heat insulating materials such as URSA rock wool of various density and thickness, and foil-clad penofol, are used as the thermal insulants. The interior finish of the walls, the floor, the base and the partitions inside the rooms is made per customer specifications.

The typical interior finish design is described below:

  • walls: MDF panels;
  • ceiling: water-based paint coated MDF panels (or white PVC tongue-and-groove siding);
  • floor covering: linoleum, 3 m wide.

The block container has a hard roof covering made of paint-coated steel sheets.

The buildings can be transported by all types of transport, including railroad, motor vehicle, waterway and air transportation.

The block-container based buildings manufactured by "MetalPromExport" Co. Ltd. offer the following advantages:

  • fire-resistance Index 3 as per SNiP (Construction Norms and Regulations) 21-01-97;
  • seismic resistant design (up to magnitude 9 earthquake on Richter scale);
  • operating temperature range: -60 °C … +55 °C;
  • 15 years service life span;
  • repeated redeployment capability without deterioration of the buildings functional performance;
  • vandal-proof design (metal doors and window shutters prevent unauthorized persons from intruding inside the building);
  • all-weather construction capability allowing the buildings to be erected at any season, under any climatic conditions;
  • no permanent foundations required;
  • the buildings come completely furnished and provided with all required furniture items and equipment specified by the customer;
  • flexible, customer-defined building layout design;
  • environmental safety;
  • fast entry in service.

All buildings are made in compliance with Construction Norms and Regulations (SNiP) and National Standards (GOST); all materials are certified.

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