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Modular boiler houses

One of the areas of expertise of MetalPromExport, LLC is designing and production of modular boilers with subsequent installation and startup operations of the equipment in the point of operation. We manufacture modular boilers with capacity from 0,1 up to 40 MW.

Today the use of in-house modular boiler is the most promising solution to heat supply issues. Organization of in-house heat generation ensures significant saving of expenses for energy resources due to the decrease of expenses for maintenance of heating mains, decrease of loss of heat and heat-transfer liquid to the consumer, and current regulation of heat power of the boiler according to particular conditions.

Application of modular boilers houses

Modular boilers are used for heat, hot water and steam supply to social and manufacturing facilities:

  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Sanatorium
  • Administration buildings
  • Residential quarters (cottages and blocks of flats)
  • Rotational camps
  • Manufacturing workshops and facilities
  • Plants
  • Factories

Modular Boiler Houses from MetalPromExport

Modular water-heating boilers are ready-for-use modules delivered fully fabricated. Boilers are equipped with process equipment, electric equipment security automatics, water treatment plant and other necessary equipment. Modular boilers are most commonly used for heat supply to housing and public utilities and industrial facilities.

Modular steam boilers are intended for generation of steam of different pressure and temperatures. Steam boilers are equipped with modern equipment and fitted with all necessary administration, control and security systems. Steam boilers are used in different fields: economy, foodstuffs industry, heating energy sector, etc.

Mobile modular boilers

Truck (skid)-mounted modular boilers with the capacity from 100 kW to 2 MW are used in emergencies (heating mains breakage due to low temperatures, fuel feeding failure in existing boiler, and other emergencies) and for current repairs of stationary boilers. Quick delivery of boiler to breakdown point is ensured by it installation of on the truck or skid. Connection takes about 3 hours, water is taken from surface water bodies. Boiler is 100% autonomous due to the use of diesel power plant.

Depending on the fuels modular boilers can be divided

  • Solid fuel boiler – fueled by following fuel types: coal, firewood, timber processing debris, pallets. Advantages to such boilers – affordability and low cost of fuel, ease of use, suitable for use of other fuel types in case there is no solid fuel
  • Gas boilers – natural, associated petroleum gas and coal mine methane. Characteristic feature of such boilers is minimum emission of contaminants
  • Diesel boilers – diesel oil, fuel oil, petroleum products. They have the following advantages: possible versions: autonomous and transportable (truck, skid-mounted), mobile
  • Gas-diesel boilers – compatible with natural gas and diesel fuel. The can be fueled by available diesel oil in case there is shortage or no natural gas available

Advantages to modular boilers we produce

  • low production cost of generated heat energy due to decrease of costs for use of heating mains
  • suitability for use at -50 to +50 °С
  • complete or partial automation of boilers
  • boiler mobility due to convenience of deinstallation modules
  • short time frame for manufacture, delivery, installation, startup and commissioning
  • suitability for installation on truck, removable/nonremovable skid


Delivery of boiler to installation site is performed using railroad flatcar or automobile transport without deinstallation of equipment and utilities installed in the modules. We develop and agree loading plans and permits for transportation of outsized loads for transportation of modular boilers.

Delivery of modular boiler houses on a “turnkey basis“

Modular boilers from MetalPromExport, LLC are complete ready-for-use modules that contain designed and installed (according to Customer's request) ancillary and boiler equipment, utilities, fire and burglar alarms, fire extinguishing system with alarm of fire to the central dispatch, additional rooms (operator panel, lavatory, shower).

Depending of the number of boilers and established capacity of boiler plant it is installed into one or several container units (modular), that are assembled at the location of use into a single building using bolt joints. Number of modules depends on the capacity of boiler plant. Upon Customer's request boiler plants can be fitted with flue gas ducts and other necessary equipment.

Boilers from MetalPromExport, LLC are produced according to effective GOSTs, they are safe for use and have certificate of compliance.

For more details and calculation of cost send a message with contact information to en@metalpromexport.com, specifying product name and major specifications. Specialists from "MetalPromExport“, LLC will select optimum offer for you.

4,85 MW gas boiler

4,85 MW gas boiler

0,7 MW diesel boiler

4,6 MW modular natural gas boiler

4,8 MW coal boiler

Deaerator in gas boiler of capacity of 2 tons of steam per hour

Boiler controller

Transportable boiler

Transportation of gas boiler by flat car

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