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Diesel Power Stations

MetalPromExport, LLC offers own-produced diesel electric plants for generation of electric power as a major or backup power supply.

Diesel electric plants from MetalPromExport with capacity from 30 kW to 350 kW are autonomous sources of power supply and are used for electricity supply to separate buildings and building complexes (rotational camps, construction sites, cottages, A&LQ), as well as in case of failures of electric power plants for backup power supply of the companies, administration and residential buildings.

Advantages to diesel power Stations from MetalPromExport:

  • prevents power failures
  • does not require installation of power lines for remote sites
  • has a great life time
  • availability – we offer a wide variety of models with standalone capacity from 30 to 350 kW
  • mobility of plants

Versions of diesel power stations

  • Power plants can be stationary (frame-mounted) design
  • Modular design (under the hood, in truck or skid-mounted container unit).

Diesel power stations in special container unit

Installation of diesel power plants to heat insulated container units with dimensions of: length 4,0 (6,0) m, width 2,5 (2,7) m, height 2,6 m, makes them suitable for extreme climate conditions. Upon Customer's request dimensions of container units can be changed. Special container units are equipped with heating system, fire and burglar alarm, fire extinguishing system and alarm reporting. Container units may also be fitted with backup tanks of required capacity for storage of diesel fuel.

Container units for diesel power plants have rigid bodywork basic structure with sandwich panel walls of up to 100 mm thickness, mineral wool sheets are used for heat insulation. The structure also has process openings, support structures and attachment/installation elements. Only non-combustible materials are used in manufacture.

Mobile diesel power stations

Mobile diesel power plants from MetalPromExport of in-container and under-the-hood design have long life time and enhanced noise insulation. Accommodation of mobile diesel power plants do not require special premises and design documentation, there are no sophisticated installation operations. Mobile diesel power plants are the best choice for construction and in emergencies, where their frequent relocation is required.

MetalPromExport, LLC ensures minimum time frame for transportation, deployment and commissioning of diesel power plants.

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