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Gas Piston Power Plants

Gas Piston Power Plantsfrom MetalPromExport, LLC are versatile sources of electric power. Gas engine power plants from MetalPromExport are a best solution to satisfy company needs for inexpensive electric power.

Generation of electric power, its distribution and consumption will take place immediately within the premises of your company if you opt to using gas engine power plants. This modern approach significantly decreases cost of electric power which translates in lower production costs and positively affects increase of economic feasibility of your production.

Product from MetalPromExport will provide you with independence in terms of electric power – gas engine power plants are intended for generation of electric energy only.

To generate electric and heat energy a more efficient and beneficial solution would be the use of cogeneration plants that we offer.

Gas Piston Power Plants from MetalPromExport, LLC:

  • Versions with capacity from 30 to 350 kW
  • Low cost of electric power generated by gas engine power plants
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Gas engine power plants can be stationary (frame mounted) and modular design
  • Short term of manufacture
  • Gas engine power plants can be used in rough meteorological conditions
  • Automated startup and operation monitoring from dispatch station – upon Customer's request
  • Electric protection systems ensure safety of plant operation
  • There is no need in electric main
  • Associated petroleum gas (APG), coal mine methane, main and neutral gas, manure gas, propane butane gas can be used for fuel
  • Custom design of gas engine power plant with the account of APG blend composition


MetalPromExport, LLC provides warranty service and maintenance. Gas engine power plants from MetalPromExport are supported by Declaration of Conformity and Approval of EMERCOM.

Use of Gas Piston Power Plants

In industrial scale gas engine power plants are used as electric power sources to feed large plants or townships and can be used as both major and backup power source.

Gas engine power plants are widely used to supply power:

  • In oil and gas industry (drilling rigs and wells)
  • In social sphere (health care institutions, sewage treatment plants, airports, shopping and leisure centers, sports and fitness centers, etc.)
  • In transport infrastructure
  • In the sphere of housing and communal services

Gas engine power plants are also used to generate power in other areas along with centralized power supply systems or as an autonomous power sources.

Synchronization of Gas Piston Power Plants

If necessary, operation of several gas engine power plants can be synchronized so as to get required capacity and distribute the workload evenly. Connection to centralized mains will provide uninterrupted power supply.

  • Individual operation of gas engine power plants – supposes standard use without any extra equipment; the plants produced are used as a backup or constant power supply units. Gas engine power supplies supplies a particular load that does not exceed its rated power.
  • Parallel operation of gas engine power plants with the mains – power plant operates for an existing power line parallel to the load or individually. Concurrent operation of gas engine power plants with the mains provides uninterrupted power supply to the facilities.
  • Parallel operation of power plants in power maintenance mode – gas engine power plants with different capacities are synchronized where necessary to provide different rated capacity. This enables getting required output power and vary the load.

MetalPromExport, LLC

  • Has the experience in delivery and commissioning of power plants in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.
  • Has significant manufacturing facilities, modern equipment, qualified personnel
  • Upon Customer's request SMEs of MetalPromExport will perform a “turnkey“ installation and startup operations with training of Customer's personnel in later maintenance and operation of power plant

MetalPromExport, LLC is a rapidly developing company and one of the leading companies in the manufacture of gas engine power plants.

Gas Piston Power Plant

Gas Piston Power Plant

Gas Piston Power Plant

Gas Piston Power Plant

Gas Piston Power Plant

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