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House Hold Waste water purification stations

Sewage treatment requires comprehensive approach. MetalPromExport, LLC produces sewage treatment systems, that employ techniques of biological purification. Multi-step fine purification with nitri-denitrification takes place in compact aeration stations along with final purification in bioreactor with immobilized microflora and UV disinfection. Active sludge plants are best for solution of the issue of sewage purification and industrial effluents of similar composition.

Sewage treatment plants are used in:

  • rotational camps
  • cottage and garden suburbs
  • hotel and tourist facilities
  • public catering
  • townships
  • administration and residential buildings

Versions of House Hold Waste water purification stations

  • Ground:
    – complex active sludge station is a modular design, supplied fully fabricated
    – installation to special in-house built container units accommodating aerating stations and equipment required for their operation. Modular design makes sewage treatment plants suitable for use at temperature from -50 to +50 °С
  • Underground – sewage treatment systems are manufactured from special plastic and installed underground. Process equipment is placed into a robust plastic body of the station which prevent corrosion.

Capacity of sewage treatment systems from MetalPromExport

Capacity of sewage treatment plants is calculated based on composition, volume of incoming sewage and quality standard applied to purified water. AS BIO plants we produce can provide capacity of up to 24 m3/24 hours per up to 150 conventional users. AS BIO plants are installed into container and connected parallel.

To ensure high capacity of sewage treatment plant our Company manufactures combined activated sludge plants AS BIO BKI featured with required equipment. Plants supplied provide capacity of up to 1500 m3/24 hours.

Domestic wastewater plant AS BIO BKO series on manufacturing site

Domestic wastewater plant AS BIO in container unit version with capacity of 18 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours

Domestic wastewater plant AS BIO with final purification unit in connected building, capacity 6 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours

Manufactured aerating plants AS BIO-30 are ready for shipment from manufacturing site

Characteristic feature of low-profile plants of such type is that there is functional connection between biological purification of sewage and its disinfection.

Technical specifications of sewage treatment plants:

NameNumber of constant usersMax. daily input of sewage (m³/24 hours)Dimensions, m
АС БИО-551,01,001,002,40
АС БИО-881,51,501,002,40
АС БИО-10102,02,001,002,40
АС БИО-15153,02,001,002,40
АС БИО-20204,02,001,502,50
АС БИО-30306,02,002,002,50
АС БИО-40407,02,002,003,00
АС БИО-50509,03,002,003,00
АС БИО-757512,04,002,163,00
АС БИО-10010016,04,103,103,00
АС БИО-15015024,04,104,103,00

Activated sludge plants from MetalPromExport have following advantages:

  • noiseless operation in automatic mode
  • absence of odor
  • low power consumption
  • minimum maintenance demand and expenses
  • use without entry of sewage up to 2 weeks

Quality sewage purification yields water suitable for draining to ground or fishery water body.

Sewage purification degree - up to 98%.

We offer the following with respect to domestic wastewater:

  • Design of domestic wastewater plants.
  • Manufacture – activated sludge plants are produced by MetalPromExport, LLC according to GOSTs and other regulatory documentation.
  • Transportation – sewage treatment plants and stations are delivered to the site of use by automobile and railroad transport.
  • Installation and startup.

For more details and calculation of cost send a message with contact information to en@metalpromexport.com, specifying product name and major specifications. Specialists from "MetalPromExport“, LLC will select optimum offer for you.

Installation of two AS BIO-100 plants with total capacity of 32 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours into the ground

Shipment of AS BIO-30 in container unit version, capacity 6 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours with tank for clean water to satisfy internal company needs

Activated sludge plant with capacity of 50 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours on manufacturing site

Installation of AS BIO-20 plant into the ground in rotational camp

Activated sludge plant with capacity of 100 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours on site in rotational camp for 500 persons

Disinfection unit of AS BIO-30 plant series BKI

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