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Cogeneration plants

Cogeneration plant based on gas engine power plant from MetalPromExport, LLC is intended for simultaneous generation of heat and electric power. Major purpose of cogeneration plant is electric power supply to the consumers and the heat generated during this process can be used for heating and hot water supply. Cogeneration plants based on gas engine power plants can be fueled by the following types of gases — natural, coke gas, manure gas, associated petroleum gas (APG), etc.

Applications of Gas Engine Cogeneration Plants

Thanks to a wide range of capacities cogeneration plants are more commonly used in different household and production areas:

  • at oil fields
  • at plants and manufacturing enterprises
  • in shopping malls
  • in sports and fitness centers
  • in housing and public utilities
  • in medical institutions
  • in heat supply systems of social facilities
  • and other areas requiring electric power and heating


Use of cogeneration plant provides following advantages:

  • increase of efficiency from 40 to 90%
  • decrease of consumption of fuel used, because it is used for generation of both electric power and heat
  • reduction of emissions to the atmosphere
  • uninterrupted power supply and generation of heat with stable parameters
  • lower dependence on centralized electric and heating supply


Heat Recovery System: operation principle and diagram

Cogeneration is performed by an appliance that includes gas engine power plant and heat recovery system. Cogeneration plant is comprised of 4 major units: internal combustion engine, electric generator, heat recovery system (HRS) and control system.

Cogeneration plant: operation principle.

1. Gas engine power plant 3. Heat dump radiator
2. Heat-recovery boiler 4. Muffler

Operation of heat recovery system is based on the use of heat energy from exhaust gases of AGP.

Circulation cycle of heating water through the heat recovery system of cogeneration plant: heat-transfer liquid (heating water) goes to the heat-recovery boiler of cogeneration plant. Exhaust gases coming from the engine of gas engine power plant go through the shell-and-tube exchanger of heat-recovery boiler. Heat is transferred from exhaust gases to the heat-transfer liquid (water) in the heat-recovery boiler. Then heat-transfer liquid goes to the consumer's heating system from which heat is collected for consumer's needs. This cycle is the main one since it is the very point at which heat power is collected for consumer's needs.

Coolant circulation cycle (~Tosol): when operated internal combustion engine of gas engine power plant eventually reaches a particular temperature limit (~90 °С) - thermostat opens access to heat dump radiator. Excessive heat is collected from radiator with air flow and emitted to the atmosphere.

Specification of cogeneration plants for gas engine power plants:

Name Electric power, kW Heat power, kW Heat-transfer liquid flow rate, m³/h
АГП-60 60 60 2,35
АГП-100 100 80 3,42
АГП-150 150 110 3,42
АГП-200 200 160 6,85
АГП-250 250 200 8,51
АГП-315 315 250 10,76
АГП-350 350 290 12,22


Versions of cogeneration plants manufactured by MetalPromExport:

  • open design (frame-mounted) – used for installation in buildings
  • modular design.


Location of cogeneration plant in special container unit has several advantages: weather resistance, no need to obtain permission documentation from regulatory authorities for conformance of building for accommodation of electric power plants, suitability for relocation without deinstallation of equipment installed.

Cogeneration plants based on gas engine power plants from MetalPromExport, LLC can be used as a main source of electric and heat power, or backup source for electric power. Implementation of cogeneration technology makes it possible for consumer to satisfy the needs for electric and heat power, which results in economic profit and increase of energy security.

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