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Energy and ecology equipment

Industrial Waste water purification stations

Industrial and oily effluents generated on sites from manufacturing processes must undergo purification treatment before they can be used as return water or drained into water bodies or onto the ground. The law requires that before water can be returned back to manufacturing cycle or discharged into natural hydrosphere (directly or through centralized sewers) total content of contaminants must be reduced down to the levels defined by the requirements of dominant technology or environmental regulation.

Equipment from MetalPromExport

MetalPromExport LLC manufactures equipment for treatment of industrial and oily effluents that will enable purification of effluents up to parameters allowed for draining. Purification of effluents of industrial companies is not an easy task and choice of purification technology/method depends on:

  • type of manufacture (analysis of effluent content)
  • requirements for composition of purified effluents
  • required capacity
  • location of equipment used.

Equipment manufactured by our Company enables purification of industrial effluents from contaminants, including toxic, such as: oil products, fats, COD (chemical oxygen demand), BOD (biological oxygen demand), insoluble substances, metals, etc.

We offer equipment with following capacity: 1-500 m3/hour (possible up to 5 000 m3/hour).

Our SMEs calculate, design, and manufacture industrial effluent treatment plants and help choose best option based on the Customer's needs.

Oily and industrial effluents treatment plants are intended for purification of:

  • oily effluents from oil products, suspended matter, synthetic surfactants, grease, fats, partially organic contaminants
  • storm waters from territories of the companies, gas stations, motor transport services, parkings, petroleum depots
  • sewages from railroad fleet, truck and car washers
  • bilge waters from vessels in sea and river ports
  • galvanic wastewater
  • industrial effluents of foodstuff industry companies: meat and dairy, fish processing, confectionery, alcohol plants

The plants are intended for use indoor in manufacturing facilities with ambient air temperature not lower than +5 °С. Our container unit-enclosed equipment can be used at ambient temperatures from -50 to +50 °С.

Out Company supplies equipment in special container units, or installs it on site within existing premises.

Methods and diagram of effluent purification

Purification methods/filters or their combination must be chosen based on required output water, obtained after purification with the account of respective technical and economic parameters for it:

  • sedimentation with reagents: coagulants and flocculants
  • flotation
  • ozoning
  • sorbtion
  • centrifuging

The following treatment plant layout is used for purification of effluents from oil products, suspended matter, as well as greases and fats of different nature and other contaminants:

  • Neutralization – type of neutralizing agent is selected as to ensure normal operation of treatment plant of companies based on concentration of contaminants and water flow.
  • Sedimentation – used for recovery of insoluble suspended (sedimenting or floating) coarse substances.
  • Reagent treatment of effluents enables improvement of efficiency of pressure flotators.
  • Pressure flotation – water purification from suspended and emulsified substances.
  • Final purification of effluents by sorbtion filter up to required quality.

Company manufactures and offer its Customers high performance factory equipment for industrial effluent treatment.
We cooperate with our Customers to ensure deliver of high quality equipment that allows you to perform purification of industrial effluents of necessary volume and quality:

  • selection of methods and development of conceptual flow chart
  • development of technical offers and assignments
  • development of working drafts
  • production of equipment and system kitting
  • construction and installation (if required)
  • equipment installation
  • startup

Products manufactured by MetalPromExport LLC ensures high degree of purification of effluents of different types from suspended substances, oil products, fats, surfactants and other contaminants according to GOSTs, SNiPs and requirements of regulatory governmental authorities for ecology, natural resource management and environmental protection.

For more details and calculation of cost send a message with contact information to en@metalpromexport.com, specifying product name and major specifications. Specialists from "MetalPromExport“, LLC will select optimum offer for you.

Treatment of effluents for meat processing workshop with capacity of 50 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours in 2 container units on site

Equipment for treatment of effluents with high content of organic compounds with capacity of 50 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours

Industrial effluent treatment system BKI series with capacity of 2,10 m<sup>3</sup>/hour

Industrial effluent treatment system with capacity of 50 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours for meat processing industry

Industrial oil effluent treatment plant with capacity of 24 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours in container unit with dimensions of 4х3х3 m

Industrial effluent treatment system with capacity of 720 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours installed in respective building

Effluent treatment plant after equipment washing at milk processing factory installed in the building

Transportation of industrial effluent treatment system in 2 container unit with dimensions of 6х3х3 m, 8х3х3 m by automobile transport

Transportation of industrial effluent treatment plant in container unit variant with capacity of 6 m<sup>3</sup>/h by railroad flat car

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