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Energy and ecology equipment

Water treatment system

MetalPromExport LLC produces and delivers industrial water treatment plants. Thanks to successful combination of practical experience and theoretical base we now can offer in-house produced equipment and full list of services: from design to startup on site. All water treatment units, plants, and systems we offer are manufactured in accordance with regulatory documents.

MetalPromExport manufactures water treatment plants for following purposes: generation of domestic, process water (for industries), fine water purification. Water treatment systems are developed on a per Customer basis with the account of:

  • water source (water line, well, open water body)
  • necessary capacity
  • equipment location (in the existing building, in container unit)
  • water assay
  • purpose of water

Our Company produces equipment with following capacity: 0,1-1 000 m3/hour (possible up to 10 000 m3/hour). Water treatment system capacity is calculated according to established GOSTs.

Industries where our water treatment plants can be used:

  • water treatment for housing and public utilities
  • water treatment for cottages
  • equipment of rotational camps
  • foodstuff industry
  • electronic industry
  • perfumery industry
  • heating energy sector
  • chemical industry and others

Filter and methods of water treatment used

Filters can be classified by their principle of operation and function they perform in water treatment system:

  • mechanical cleaning filters – remove insoluble particulate admixtures
  • deferrization and demanganation filters – remove iron and manganese dissolved in water
  • softening filters – reduce water hardness
  • sorbtion filter remove taste, smell and color
  • UV lamps remove bacteriological contaminants

Reverse osmosis systems perform finer water purification by removing almost every types of impurities from it. Low molecule dissolved substances such as mineral salts or organic molecules, as well as bacterial contaminants are removed from water. Reverse osmosis is used in processes of desaltation of aqueous solutions (including seawater desalination), processes of generation of high-purity media for electronic industry and energy sector.

Water treatment plant with capacity of 14 m<sup>3</sup>/24 hours in connected building

Industrial water treatment system in sandwich panel container unit. Preparation of one of modules for shipment

Water treatment system for potable water with capacity of 8,075 m<sup>3</sup>/hour

Water treatment plant in container unit with dimensions of 4х2,4х2,6 m

Water treatment plant installed in container unit near open water body

Loading sandwich panel container unit with installed water treatment system

Methods used in water treatment can be presented in the form of the following diagram:

Our Company supplies water treatment systems and tanks for storage of water in special container units, or installs equipment on site in existing buildings. Manufactured container-unit-based water treatment plants can be used at wide range of ambient temperatures from -50 to +50 °С

Water treatment plants manufactured by MetalPromExport have multiple advantages:

  • provide high degree of water purification
  • water treatment systems can be managed manually or automatically
  • cost-effective and easy to maintain
  • high capacity with compact dimensions
  • short payback period

MetalPromExport LLC renders full package of services

List of services rendered by MetalPromExport includes preparation cycle, installation and maintenance of water treatment plants that includes:

  • site examination
  • selection of water treatment equipment
  • water treatment system configuration according to user requirements specification
  • transportation by automobile or railroad transport
  • installation and startup
  • information support during the entire life cycle of the contract

Our Company implements projects of any complexity within the shortest possible time frame under the contract with the account of peculiarities of equipment and Customer's needs. Our SMEs are highly qualified and have all necessary permits for performance of all types of works on sites. Customer's time and resources can be saved by applying to reliable company.

For more details and calculation of cost send a message with contact information to en@metalpromexport.com, specifying product name and major specifications. Specialists from "MetalPromExport“, LLC will select optimum offer for you.

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