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Mobile field hospitals


For military-armed forces, sectionings of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, services of the International red cross and humanitarian missions.

The mobile field hospital is multipurpose flexible system of medical maintenance.

The mobile hospital is counted for repeated operative use in places where stationary clinical service is not provided and allows to render both specialised, and urgent medical aid.

The hospital concept is counted for work in completely independent conditions. For this purpose the hospital is riged by diesel power station and system of clearing of economic-household flows. Thus, at uninterrupted supply by medical property, the hospital is capable to function an unlimited time. All branches of hospital are scould in block containers and pneumomodules. Separate modules are bridged by sluices and by that form an independent network.

The detailed configuration of hospital and accompanying infrastructure develops according to its appointment and desirable capacity.

Mobile field hospital
1 - Owning ward
2 - Owning passage
3 - Diagnostics unit
4 - Operating-room + anesthesia
5 - Reanimation
6 - Laboratory
7 - Sterilisation ward/Warehouse
8 - Operating-room + anesthesia
9 - Roentgen
10 - Admission room
11 - Reserve diesel power station with capacity of 100 kW in specialised block-container
12 - Shower room
13 - Water closet
14 - Canteen
15 - Station of biological waste water clearing
16 - Pumping station on 8 m3
17 - Diesel power station with capacity of 100 kW in specialised block-container
Mobile field hospital
Mobile field hospital

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