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Steel structure buildings

Enclosing structures

Shaped steel sheet:

  1. protective film;
  2. polymeric coating;
  3. passivation treatment layer;
  4. primer coat;
  5. galvanizing coat;
  6. metal.

The 80-mm rock wool core of the sandwich panel has the lowest thermal conductivity ratio as compared with that of other materials such as:

  1. standard loam brick (1150 mm);
  2. hollow ceramic brick (900 mm);
  3. expanded clay lightweight concrete (560 mm);
  4. rectangular timber (230 mm);
  5. panel rock wool core.

Sandwich panel:

  1. shaped sheet;
  2. high-density, low thermal conductivity rock wool thermal insulant;
  3. shaped sheet.

Polyurethane-based adhesive is used to manufacture the sandwich panels.

Layered assembly option (sandwich formed in the course of erection work)

  1. frame post;
  2. wall girder;
  3. shaped boarding;
  4. thermal insulant;
  5. reinforced foil;
  6. hold-down element.

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