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Steel structure buildings

Advantages. Construction milestones

The light metalware buildings manufactured by MetalPromExport Ltd. offer the following advantages:

  • minimum time needed to erect the buildings in any climatic zones, irrespective of the season;
  • the need to perform any welding in the course of erection is practically eliminated as the building frame members are joined by bolts;
  • multi-level in-process manufacturing quality control enhances the accuracy of joints between the frame members;
  • delivery package configurations range from individual building structural members to integrated delivery package comprising the utility engineering systems;
  • the design features afford a substantial reduction in the foundation work costs.

Construction milestones:

  1. detailed design documentation development based on the primary documents, permits and approvals provided by the building owner;
  2. construction site preparation, foundation work;
  3. building frame and enclosing structures erection;
  4. utility engineering systems construction and installation work, interior finishing work;
  5. site improvement.

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