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Steel structure buildings

Delivery package configuration

The buildings we supply can be shipped in a variety of delivery package options ranging from individual structural members to ready-to-operate turnkey buildings. The delivery package includes:

  1. Metal structural frame. The frame members are rigidly attached to one another via flanged joints secured by high-tensile strength pre-tensioned bolts. The overall structural stiffness of the building frame is ensured by the system of struts, vertical and lateral bracing. All structural frame members are secured by bolts.
  2. Enclosing structures complete with necessary finishing framing members and accesories:
    • ready-to-use sandwich panels;
    • layered assembly option (sandwich structure formed in the process of erection work);
    • cartridge design;
    • ventilation capability provided.
  3. Opening filling elements: roll-up gates, hinged gates, windows, doors.
  4. Finishing materials used to form partitions, ceilings and floors; component parts for the utility engineering systems (water supply, sewage, heating and ventilation systems); electrical equipment.
  5. Hoisting machinery: monorail hoists, electric hoists, overhead track hoists, overslung bridge cranes.

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