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Steel structure buildings

Design concept

The light metalware based buildings are mounted on point-type foundations. The column foundations are joined together via the foundation beam which can be made of cast-in-place reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete beam or blocks. The pedestal base is mounted atop the foundation beams. While the pedestal base height is specified by the Customer, it however must not be less than 150 mm above ground level. Sets of anchor bolts allow adjustment of column height and incline, thus affording an opportunity to compensate the deviations that occurred in the course of erection work. The building structural elements (metal structural frame and enclosing structures) can be put together in parallel with the foundation work.

The building structural frame members are typically made of rolled steel sections or welded I-beams. Frame members are connected via flanged bolted joints.

The overall structural stiffness of the building structural frame is ensured by the system of struts, vertical bracing and lateral struts pre-tensioned when mounted.

At customer's request, the building can be designed and manufactured to allow for the installation of various types of hoisting and handling machinery, such as underslung and top-runinng overhead track hoists and bridge cranes of up to 50 rated load capacity.

The intermediate floor structure is made of columns and transverse floor beams. The column grid pattern is specified by the customer.

The floor structure can be made of cast-in-place reinforced concrete with retained formwork, or of hollow reinforced-concrete slabs supported by the main floor beams.

Anchor bolts, high-tensile bolts and standard-accuracy bolts are included in the delivery package to join the structural frame members.

All building frame members are provided with corrosion-resistant coating.

The columns are secured to the foundations by anchor bolts.

The enclosing structures are made of painted galvanized shaped steel sheets (interlaid with vapour- and moisture-proof warmth-keeping rock wool material, as applied to the winterized building), or of three-ply sandwich panels with rock wool or polyurethane core. The enclosing structures are delivered complete with all necessary panel strips and fasteners.

At customer's request and based on the working documentation, the buildings are furnished with doors, windows, hoisting machinery, interior finish materials and items of the utility engineering systems subsequently installed by our personnel.

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