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Steel structure buildings

Frame erection

MetalPromExport Ltd. can erect or supervise erection of a structural frame in any climatic area. Our wealth of experience allows reduction of the erection work performance time, therefore driving down the cost of work as well.

Sequence of erection operations for the metal structure based buildings and facilities:

  • erection of columns;
  • erection of struts and vertical bracing;
  • erection of trusses or collar beams
  • erection of lateral bracing, framed structure side stanchions, roofing and wall girders.

The structural frame members are mostly joined by bolts which allows the erection work to be simplified, work performance time to be reduced and the likelihood of making poor weld joints to be decreased.

The principal welded connections are made at the automatic or semi-automatic lines at the manufacturing facility, pass quality conformance inspection and ship as finished items (structural frame members) subsequently erected by the erecting crew at the construction site.

The number of personnel needed to erect a metal structural frame is far less than that required for the capital construction projects, therefore the erection work is performed by a team of several workmen assisted with one or several cranes.

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