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Steel structure buildings

Assembly of winterized building enclosing structures

The roofing and walling enclosing structures are made of structural three-ply sandwich panels with basalt wool based core layer. The panel outer and inner skins are made of painted galvanized steel. The panels are joined by interlocking joints. The roofing and wall panels are attached to the longitudinal girders of the building structural frame by self-tapping screws with sealing washers.

When using the layered enclosing structure assembly option (the "sandwich" being formed as the erection work progressess), the multilayered roofing or wall "cake" is assembled sequentially to comprise profiled sheet, vapour proofing material, thermal insulant, moisture proofing layer, and shaped sheet. To avoid formation of cold joints, a weather seal is provided between the shaped boarding and the girder to which it is attached.

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