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Prefab Building

Interior, Equipment, Utilities of Container Units and Modular Buildings

MetalPromExport, LLC designs, manufactures, delivers and installs modular buildings based on combined panel structures and container units. We build modular buildings for different purposes, of any area and configuration. Modular buildings have exterior and interior finishing depending on their intended use and based on the User Requirements Specifications. Modular buildings and container units we produce are fitted with furniture, household appliances, electronic equipment, technical and industrial equipment; featured with utilities.

Interior of Modular Buildings

Finishing materials are most commonly used for interior finishing of walls, floor, ceiling and dividing walls:

Floor finishingMagnesium oxide wallboard-based Cryplat® board, waterproof Cryplat® board, galvanized polymer-coated formed sheet, PVC panels
Wall finishingPlaster board-based Cryplat® board, PVC panels, laminated chipboard
Floor finishingLinoleum (anti-static, commercial, fire-proof – on escape routes), ceramic tile, ceramic granite, steel channeled sheet.

CRYPLAT® boards are mainly used for interior wall finishing in the residential rooms. The major advantage of these boards and decorative formed profile system is quickness of replacement and aesthetics. Besides, the boards are highly wear resistant, waterproof and fireproof. Cryplat boards will perfectly fit in to any interior of an office, trade or amenity premise.

Laminated chipboard is used for sheeting frame structures not only in manufacturing premises, but also in residential ones. Laminated chipboard is wear resistant, solid, abrasion resistant. Laminated chipboard can have different surface texture.

Plastic panels are water-, UV- and wear-resistant. Usually, PVC panels are used in finishing technical, special or sanitary and hygienic rooms.

Double or triple glazed units with plastic frame of different size (standard size is 0,9х1,2 m), fixed or tilt and turn version can be installed. If necessary, windows can be fitted with grids or metal shutters with internal lock, or with roller blinds on the outside.

Interior doors of container unit or modular building are MDF, PVC, aluminum, metal design. Door panel size is defined by the Customer, standard sizes are 2х0,7 (0,88) m, and for rest rooms – 0,6 m. Upon Customer's choice sliding doors can also be installed. Canteen can be supplied with double leaf door with counter table. Interior doors are fitted with locking devices – locking handle.

Exterior doors of the buildings are heat insulated metal and aluminum design with door assist and wing-key lock. For a greater usability technical and warehouse modular buildings can be equipped with gates.

Fitting Modular Buildings Based on Combined Panel Structures and Block Containers Units with Furniture

To provide comfortable residential conditions and enhance employees' productivity MetalPromExport equips the buildings with all necessary furniture depending on the purpose of the buildings:

  • living rooms (bedrooms) – tables, wardrobes, beds, bed and TV cabinets
  • dining rooms (meal rooms, food preparation stations) – dining and serving tables, chairs, stand and wall-mounted hangers
  • offices – desks of different sizes, chairs, bookcases, racks, wall-mounted shelves
  • conference halls – conference tables, upholstered furniture and arm-chairs
  • bathrooms and lavatory rooms – respective furniture and personal sanitary aids
  • medical rooms – examination couches, dressing tables, mobile tables
  • room technological purpose – metal cabinets, boxes

Upon Customer's request MetalPromExport, LLC can use wide range of interior finishing materials, including VIP-grade (natural timber, floorboard, laminated flooring, etc.), including deliver of business-grade furniture. If necessary the furniture can be delivered assembled.

Fitting Modular Buildings with Equipment

Depending on location and conditions modular buildings can be equipped with different types of household and industrial equipment.

Equipping Residential and Tech-Modular Buildings:

  • OA machinery – office equipment, computers, monitors
  • plumbing fixtures – sinks, toilet bowls, bath-tubs, shower booths
  • household and electronic equipment – TV, audio, fridges, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc
  • canteen and kitchen equipment – dish-washers, multifunction kitchen machines, bakery ovens, industrial grade refrigerators, wash tank
  • medical equipment – sterilizers, pharmaceutical fridges, etc.
  • bath and laundry equipment – industrial grade washing machines, dryers and ironing machines
  • technical machinery – diesel power plants, machining work stations, different plants and appliances
  • power generating and heat equipment – power panels and cabinets, thermostat plants and thermal curtains, air-conditioners, hot-water boilers and heating appliances

The above list is just a part of industrial and household equipment that can be installed in container units and modular building supplied by our company.


Utility systems are complex technical solutions for uninterrupted operation of buildings and facilities.
Buildings based on combined panel structures, all-welded container units, sandwich panel container units, re-fabricated maritime shipment containers and trailer houses are commissioned with internal utility systems installed.

Utility SystemsBasic Configuration
Electric lightingLight bulbs and luminescent lighting fixtures
Electric powerModular building is connected to 380/220 VAC mains with solid earthed neutral. In some cases Euro input is supplied. Buildings are equipped with electric distribution panels with protective devices and control switches located in the cabinet. Cabling is put into trunking. Upon Customer's request cabling and electric equipment can be blast-proof design.
Water supplyWater supply from centralized water supply network or local water-pump stations. Tank or tankless water heaters can be used. Tank dimensions must be accounted for prior to manufacture of buildings with autonomous water supply. PPRC pipes are used.
SewersThe sewers can either be centralized or decentralized using special accumulation tanks. PPRC pipes are used.
HeatingHeating can be centralized or local. 1; 1,5; 2 kW oil electric heating radiators can be used as well as aluminum or bimetallic ones. Local heating can be provided by gas, solid or liquid fluid boiler plant. Thermal curtains of different power and size can also be supplied.
VentilationNatural – natural draft; combined – fans are installed; supply and exhaust – supply and exhaust air plant is installed
Air conditioningAir conditioners, split systems
Fire alarmFire alarm unit includes: control and indications device, detectors and sensors. Buildings are equipped
Fire extinguishing systemsTech buildings are equipped with fire extinguishing system “БУРАН“, residential buildings are equipped with water extinguishing systems.

Modular building can be fitted with structured cabling system (SKS): local area networks, phone networks, security systems, video surveillance and other systems at Customer's choice. Also building supplied can be equipped with additional structural elements: metal stairs inside the rooms or outdoors, sun breakers, entry lobbies.

Many years of experience have made it possible for MetalPromExport, LLC to create versatile solutions meeting the needs of the Customer taking into account functional purpose of erected buildings.

For more details and calculation of cost send a message with contact information to en@metalpromexport.com, specifying product name and major specifications. Specialists from "MetalPromExport“, LLC will select optimum offer for you.

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