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Rotational camps

Rotational Camps

Rotational camps include reliable and comfortable modular buildings erected with the use of combined panel structures and container units; manufacturing and warehousing metal framework premises; life support systems – power generating and environmental equipment.

Given the ever growing industrial and gas-oil production there has also been increase in actual need for rotational work in low-population and hard-to-get areas. Modern complete rotational camps from MetalPromExport, LLC make the integral part of efficient production of companies employing rotational work. Rotational camps erected are intended for residence and work of unlimited number of people.

Prefabricated towns can be built in any geographic (including earthquake endangered) and climatic regions.

Obvious Advantages of Rotational Camps

  • The buildings can be up to three storey high – efficient use of limited construction area
  • Custom design of solutions – ensuring comfort for residents
  • Equipment depending on the intended use – erection with the account for Customer's needs and conditions of Customer's operation
  • Appearance of buildings – color palette according to corporate style and RAL catalog
  • Wide temperature range. Facilities can endure both extreme low temperatures (down to -60 °С), and extreme high temperatures (up to +65 °С).
  • Building mobility – relocation without significant expenses
  • Speed of erection – facilities based on combined panel structure and container units supplied by MetalPromExport, LLC are erected within short period because they are supplied with high degree of structure prefabrication
  • Environmentally friendly – only environmentally friendly materials are used for erection of rotational camps
  • Construction of rotational camps and towns – saving Customer's time, since MetalPromExport Company offers construction on a “turnkey basis“

Equipment of Rotational Camp

MetalPromExport LLC creates rotational camp with own-produced complete prefabricated buildings and autonomous life-supporting systems.

  • Modular buildings:
    - based on combined panel structures. Buildings are produced for different purposes: social, household, lavatory, etc. The major advantage is that the buildings can be up to three storey high and have internal layout comfortable for the Customer
    - based on container units. The buildings erected can be standalone or connected: dorms, A&LQ, canteens, offices, feldsher's station, bath and laundry, checkpoints, etc

  • Mobile buildings (trailer houses) – highly mobile and convenient for long-distance transportation. Our trailer houses can be of the following designs: truck or skid-mounted – removable/non-removable

  • Metal framework-based (hangars, workshops, warehouses and other manufacturing buildings, administration and residential, sporting centers, car service stations, etc.)

  • Power generating equipment:
    - Modular boilers of 0,1 to 40 MW
    - Gas engine power plants (cogeneration plants) with unit capacity from 30 to 350 kW. Parallel operation of gas engine generator units can also be arranged
    - Diesel electric plants of 30 to 350 kW

  • Environmental equipment:
    MetalPromExport produces water treatment plants, sewage treatment systems with the account of test results of outflowing water, required capacity and outflowing water quality.
    - Water treatment plants are equipped with filters and pumping equipment that ensure uninterrupted water purification and supply to the end user.
    - Sewage treatment systems supplied by MetalPromExport are produced with the account of Customer's requirements and based on feasibility of equipment use.
    Example: Rotational camp intended for 500 persons requires manufacture of water treatment plant with the capacity of about 100 m3/24 hours. When installing new equipment maximum (peak) water consumption and other technical aspects are taken into account. Sewage treatment systems installed must be of approximately the same capacity per 24 hours. When equipping any rotational camp either sewage treatment system of AS BIO BKI series is installed for each building individually, or activated sludge plant (KBO) of required capacity is manufactured. Our SMEs will find necessary equipment and consult the Customer on any questions that may arise.
    - Taking into account Customer's needs MetalPromExport, LLC produces sewage treatment system for use in rotational camp and the nearby area.

Modular buildings based on combined panel structures connected with heated transition corridor

Rotational camp consisting of buildings of different intended use based on combined panel structures and container units

Set of modular buildings for 70 persons based on connected and standalone residential and technical container units

Set of modular buildings based on container units

Rotational camp based on modular buildings, dorms

Administration and living quarters based on combined panel structures in rotational camp

Set of modular buildings for 70 persons based on standalone technical container units

System installation into special container units will enable their use at temperature range from -50 to +50 °С.

Example of Draft of Labor Camps

Composition: dorms, administration and living quarters, offices, canteen, bath and laundry, checkpoint, cafe, shop

Trust Reliable MetalPromExport Company

Main competitive strengths of our Company:

  • comprehensive approach to the construction of rotational camps that has been and is successfully implemented in accomplished and current projects
  • we manufacture the products we offer

Designing Labor Camps

MetalPromExport Company's capabilities make it possible to design rotational camp of any complexity and configuration meeting all effective requirements, user requirements specification and Customer's corporate standards within short time frame.


Prefabricated buildings are transported to their destination point by railroad and automobile transport. Our Company performs loading and transportation according to the established drawings for both standard size load and outsized load. In some cases, maritime or air transportation mode can be used.

Installation and Supervising Installation

MetalPromExport Company performs installation of erected facilities and start-up operations of equipment installed according to contractual agreements.

MetalPromExport, LLC will perform entire set of works in erection of rotational camp starting with sketch plan, production and installation of buildings, structures, electric power plants, boilers, sewage and water treatment systems, to equipping the buildings with necessary furniture and equipment.

Why MetalPromExport

  • Wide range of products at competitive prices
  • Getting products intended for particular conditions of use
  • High quality products
  • Best delivery term

We erect rotational camps within minimum time frame using state-of-art technology taking into account all peculiarities of the territory and Customer's needs. Cooperating with reliable Company you will not have to involve several designers, contractors and suppliers for the project. Delegating solution of all issues to the SMEs of one company you, therefore, save your efforts and resources!

For more details and calculation of cost send a message with contact information to en@metalpromexport.com, specifying product name and major specifications. Specialists from "MetalPromExport“, LLC will select optimum offer for you.

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