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Prefabricated panel constructions

Prefabricated Panel Structures

Construction of modular buildings on the basis of prefabricated panel structures became an integral part of many business projects. OOO MetalPromExport Company supplies modular buildings for various purposes: hostels, administrative and household facilities, cafeterias, office buildings, etc. Implementing projects, the Company performs the full scope of services on manufacturing, delivery and installation of the structures. Buildings based on prefabricated panel structures are equipped with necessary furniture and equipment, engineering services and other equipment at the Customer’s request.

Advantages of Buildings Constructed on the Basis of Prefabricated Panel structures

  • When using this technology, construction of buildings of up to three storeys is possible. This allows efficiently use available spaces.
  • quick installation which does not depend on the climatic conditions at the construction site
  • components of buildings are manufactured and labeled in-house, thereby reducing the assembly process
  • indoor ceiling height can be up to 3 meters
  • lightly loaded foundations are required
  • transpack packaging allows significantly reduce transportation costs
  • seismic resistance reaches 9 points which allows erect buildings in any territories
  • the guaranteed operational period is min. 15 years

Structure of Modular Buildings Based on Prefabricated Panel Structures

Rapidly erected modular buildings based on prefabricated panel structures consist of:

  • base panels
  • wall panels
  • roof panels
  • intermediate slabs
  • inter-floor racks

The structural elements are fastened together with bolt connections. The resulting bulk structure provides the building with the required strength features.

Exterior Walls

The use of sandwich panels as a material for building exterior wall enclosure enables to avoid so-called “cold bridges”, and it is quite an important criterion, especially in construction conditions of the northern regions, where low temperatures prevail. Panel joints are sealed and finished with polymer coated galvanized steel shaped elements.

Variable thickness of thermal insulation material used in sandwich panels allows to adjust thermal properties, thereby providing the possibility to use buildings in the climate zones where the ambient temperature range is from -65 to +60°C.

Interior Partitions

The use of galvanized profiles allows to form a room of any shape depending on its functional purpose. An acoustic mineral wool insulant placed in the interior partitions is used as noise insulation.


A roof is made of end and intermediate metal half-trusses, metal girders, braces, roof decking. The roof can be double-pitch or hip, it is made of polymer coated galvanized corrugated sheets or metal tile sheets. If necessary, extra insulation made of rolled mineral wool insulation can be applied in the attic space.


Delivery of buildings to the construction site is carried out by any type of transport.

Type of transport is determined based on the distance to the construction site and availability of routes of communication:

  • motor vehicles – in case if there is an own car park, we also cooperate with large logistic companies
  • railway vehicles – there are own driveways
  • water or air vehicles – in case of lack of motor or railway communication in the construction area
  • there is an option of shipment at own expense from the plant

Delivery of base panels, roof panels and intermediate slabs is carried out in special transportation packages, i.e. “transpack”. Metal structural elements (carrying racks, frames, trusses, beams, porches, entrance roof overhangs, ladders) are transported in open wagons in formed over-packs or freight containers.


Installation teams of MetalPromExport have a huge operational experience in construction of quickly erectable buildings based on prefabricated panel structures. They quickly and efficiently perform work regardless of the conditions at the construction site.

Installation Stages:

  • the base panels are installed
  • Wall panels, intermediate slabs, angular racks and roof panels are mounted
  • the roof is erected
  • interior ladders are installed
  • joint insulation and sealing of the panels used is carried out
  • interior partitions are erected
  • interior finishing is performed
  • engineering networks (sewerage, water supply, ventilation, heating, electrical equipment, lighting and low-voltage networks) are mounted

We erect modular buildings based on prefabricated panel structures in the shortest time with the use of modern technologies, taking into account all features of the territory and the Customer’s needs. When cooperating with a reliable company, you will not have to engage third-party companies for facility construction to implement a project.

For more details and calculation of cost send a message with contact information to en@metalpromexport.com, specifying product name and major specifications. Specialists from "MetalPromExport“, LLC will select optimum offer for you.

A two-storey modular building based on prefabricated panel structures

A modular building of the administrative and household facilities; 27.16х15.41 m

Administrative and household facilities including a cafeteria; 33.2х14.04 m

Modular administrative and household facilities based on prefabricated panel structures

A modular building: a two-storyes office facility; 14.04х21.12 m

An one-bed living room in theы modular hostel building based on prefabricated panel structures

An office premises of the administrative and household facilities based on prefabricated panel structures

A meal room in the modular hostel

A food preparation facility including installed industrial equipment in the modular hostel with the cafeteria

A personal hygiene room in the hostel for 100 persons. A modular building based on prefabricated panel structures; 106х14 m

A walk-in closet in the modular building including installed wardrobes

A hall in the modular building of the administrative and household facilities including a cafeteria

Decoration of walls with Cryplat and the floor with ceramic tiles in the modular building

Transportation of wall panels in the “transpack” packaging

Delivery of base panels, roof panels and intermediate slabs to the construction site is performed by motor vehicles in the “transpack” packaging

Shipping of base panels, roof panels and intermediate slabs in the “transpack” packaging at the port

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