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"MetalPromExport" Co. Ltd. erects or supervises erection work performed at all projects and installations it delivers (such as buildings, structures, equipment), and carries out equipment start-up and commissioning work.

The type-design, complex and custom-designed constructions are erected on a year-round basis by the company's own highly skilled, experienced and specially trained personnel. Advanced professional tools and machinery supplied by leading manufacturers are used when performing the erecting work. While erecting the facilities, the erection crews are quartered at the on-site accommodation block-containers manufactured by "MetalPromExport" Co. Ltd.. Streamlined on-site work organization allows the work tasks to be performed with top quality within minimum time.

Erection work supervision (supervision of the erecting process) is carried out by one or two of the company's technicians. The personnel of the company directly handling the erection work are given the professional engineering advice, explanations and recommendations on all current issues arising while the erection is performed.

Our engineers and adjustment technicians perform professional and rapid start-up and commissioning of power-generating and environmental pollution control systems.

Continuous in-process quality control is performed throughout all work operations thus assuring high performance standards and work efficiency.

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