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"MetalPromExport" Co. Ltd. has high-tech advanced manufacturing facilities at its disposal.

The manufacturing premises of "MetalPromExport" Co. Ltd. accommodate the state-of-the-art domestically produced and imported equipment enabling the company to manufacture a wide range of products that meet the required specifications: block-containers in various standard sizes, light metalware buildings, modular boiler-houses, diesel and gas-piston power stations, water treatment, waste water purification systems.

The company's manufacturing capacities support a monthly output of up to 2000 tons of metal construction structures and up to 300 block-containers.

The machining equipment pool includes high-accuracy multi-purpose CNC machine tools. The process flows arranged to manufacture competitive top-quality products subdivide the manufacturing shops into dedicated production areas staffed with high skilled professionals.

An extremely high level of the manufacturing process steps automation (automated machine tools account for up to 80% of the total number of machine tools) resulted in drastic reduction in the number of manual operations and the human factor effect, thus making it possible to manufacture top-quality products within the shortest period of time and to reduce the bottom-line product cost significantly.

Our manufacturing facilities are being continuously upgraded. We learn from and adopt beneficial experience, study and implement the latest processes, introduce the most advanced materials developed by the renowned research and development institutes. All component parts and materials are procured from top manufacturers only.

The time to deliver products to the customers is considerably reduced due to the availability of the company's own access railroad line.

Multi-level in-process quality control at all manufacturing steps (in-house laboratory provided with unique testing equipment and special-purpose test instruments intended to inspect the product quality at all manufacturing steps and to perform necessary tests) ensure reliability and durability of the company's products.

We guarantee faultless quality!

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