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Work stages


Design department is one of the major units of MetalPromExport LLC that ensures efficient functioning of single manufacturing system: from the concept to commissioning of particular projects.

MetalPromExport Company design buildings of different functional purposes developing custom and typical projects of prefab modular buildings and metal framework buildings, as well as modular boilers. Our design department performs complete set of works: from the “sketch plan“ to the “working draft“, as well as sketches and design of both interior and exterior. Some sections of design documentation may also be compiled.

Documentation is compiled for:

  • fundamental construction – metal framework buildings
  • prefab construction – modular building based on combined panel structures and connected buildings based on container units
  • power generating equipment – modular boilers with different fuel types

Design documents is prepared in accordance with effective regulations, norms and standards (SNiP, GOST, other regulatory documents).

Design stages

Feasibility Study

During the pre-design documentation future project is visualized and space and layout design is elaborated. Customer may within a short time frame have almost complete picture of the project and, if necessary, introduce desired changes with minimum financial and time input.

Design and Engineering Documentation

MetalPromExport Company may draw up a complete set of stage “П“ and stage “Р“ design documentation, acting as a general designer or separate section of documentation – as subdesigner.

Design and engineering documentation is prepared on the basis of pre-design documentation agreed upon with the Customer and contains complete information for governmental/non-governmental regulatory assessment and site construction itself.

Advantages to partnership with MetalPromExport LLC

We ensure quality development and preparation of design documents:

  • We conduct research of construction technology and state-of-the-art know-hows with their further implementation.
  • During design of new sites with account for all available information about modern materials, which helps save money for production of structures and equipment, construction and further use of buildings and structures.
  • During design our Customers can get familiar with visualized project and its estimated cost at the feasibility study stage.
  • Upon the readiness of working drafts we can proceed with site construction, therefore significantly saving time and money for the Customer.

Staff of highly professional and committed employees working using innovative technology with the latest software, extraordinary and flexible approach, will perform design works within contractual term according to Customer's requirements and effective design regulations. Our Company exercises design and technical supervision during construction and commissioning of site. We also ready to offer a set of existing solutions – we have a library of designed and implemented projects.

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