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Products can be shipped by any mode of transportation, within and outside the Russian Federation:

  • by road transport: the company has its own pool of motor vehicles;
  • by railway transport: own access railroad line is available)
  • by waterway transport and by air.

Manufactured goods are delivered to the point of loading specified by the customer or to the Customer's transport means. The goods may also be picked up by the customer from the manufacturer's works.

The light metalware prefabricated buildings offer compact stowage when shipped by any mode of transportation. The openings in the vandal-proof block containers of interconnected buildings are protected with shipping covers; shipped materials, furniture and equipment are secured for transit inside the containers. The power-generating and environmental pollution control systems are securely packaged thus virtually precluding any chance of damage in transit, while the modular version of the above equipment is encased inside a block container.

Owing to the integrated nature of services, the lead-time from request submittal to shipment and project commissioning is notably shortened, and accordingly, the bottom-line cost is substantially reduced.

We offer You the best conditions.

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